It's a "win the attention, win the dollar" world—& that's 2024 showbiz, bay bay.

I'll help you craft brand messaging that lives rent-free in your audience's head allll the way to check-out: Drive your readers wild with hooks, ideas, & personality-packed conversion copy that passes the cocktail party vibe check. 🥂

These are the copy swipes, quips, asides, & GIFs I'm adding to my own copy bank file.

Monday mornings, I'll send you a weekly copy inspo stash—

  • 📧1 sales copy email template
  • 🤓1 AI copywriting prompt—rev up the bot to be your own junior copywriter
  • 🪝3 hooks that make you go "hmmm"—would-be subject lines, reel overlay copy, caption starters, youtube script intro lines, story starters—I deliver, you decide the use.
  • Any witty phrases, stats, GIFs, & quotes that turned my head

Oh, and hi. I'm Ashlyn. I'm a campaign architect & conversion copywriter. We've sold more than $1.26M in copywriting services—I'm anti-gatekeeping & love to report our findings to you. Sales messaging is my Roman empire.

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